X-FAB, a leading analog foundry company, has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with domestic SiC power device supplier Pinejie to jointly promote the development of the global SiC industry

X-FAB Silicon Foundries (“X-FAB”), a leading analog wafer foundry company, and Pinejie, a domestic SiC power device supplier, jointly announced that the two parties have established a long-term strategic partnership for mass production of SiC wafers. nearly three years.

Headquartered in Europe, X-FAB is the first foundry in the world to offer a 150mm SiC process. X-FAB’s automotive-quality production environment can help customers produce high-quality, high-performance devices that can be brought to market quickly.

As an important partner of X-FAB in Asia, it is understood that Pinejie has shipped 10 million in the past three years, and it is expected to exceed 80 million in the next three years.

From the official website of Pinejie, Pinejie is a third-generation semiconductor power device designer and solution provider established in September 2018. The founder, Dr. Huang Xing, studied under B. Jayant Baliga, the father of IGBT, and has ten years of experience in SiC&GaN power device design in Cree / RFMD (Qorvo) / UnitedSiC, etc. It can be seen that Pinjie SiC & GaN power devices come with American semiconductor technology genes, which have innate technical advantages and technical strength. This is also proved by the product development history of Pinjie.

In March 2019, Pinjie released the first 650V GaN power device compatible with driving only 6 months after its establishment. In August of the same year, the 1200V SiC MOS of Gen3 technology was completed, filling the domestic gap. In 2020, 650V and 1700V industrial-grade MOS for 5G data centers, servers and industrial auxiliary power supplies, and 650V vehicle-grade MOS for on-board chargers will be released successively. In February 2021, the 1200V high-current automotive-grade MOS will be released, which will be used in electric vehicle electric drive single tubes and modules.

Up to now, Pinjie has released more than 50 650V/1200V/1700V SiC SBD, SiC MOS, GaN HEMT power device products.

Both Pinejie and X-FAB stated that the two parties will continue to cooperate in depth, give full play to Pinejie’s international first-class product technology advantages and X-FAB’s high scalability and automotive quality foundry services, reduce the cost of SiC devices, Guarantee production capacity and accelerate the use of SiC power devices in big data centers, supercomputing and blockchain, 5G communication base stations, new energy vehicles/energy storage/charging piles, micro photovoltaics, intercity high-speed railways and intercity rail transit, household appliances and special The application of high voltage, aerospace, industrial special power supply, UPS, motor drive and other fields promotes the development of the global SiC industry.

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