The world’s strongest glass cleaning robot: weight 915 grams, price 2100 yuan

Recently, the robot company HOBOT launched a brand new household window cleaning robot, the robot model is HOBOT-388. HOBOT-388 measures 29.5cm x 14.8cm x 9.5cm, weighs only 915 grams, and looks like a large mouse.

The current crowdfunding price of HOBOT-388 is 33,366 yen, or about 2,143 yuan.

Its core function is that it can be remotely controlled through a mobile phone and automatically wipe the glass. This product is dedicated to solving the problem of outdoor glass cleaning for families living in high-rise buildings.

There are 2 vacuum motors inside the HOBOT-388, which can be attached to the smooth glass surface and controlled by a mobile phone to move freely. HOBOT-388 is equipped with an ultrasonic water spray nozzle, which can atomize water into a 15-micron water mist, which is evenly sprinkled on the glass.

The glass is then quickly cleaned indoors or outdoors via two wheels fitted with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Similar to the sweeping robot, it can also independently plan the cleaning route through the built-in AI algorithm.

In order to prevent HOBOT-388 from accidentally slipping, it is also equipped with a 4.5-meter-long safety wire, as well as a 5-meter-long power cable. It can be controlled remotely via its own remote or smartphone.

The HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot is adsorbed on the smooth surface by the suction generated by the built-in motor. The suction force can reach up to 5kg, which is enough for the robot to move stably on the glass surface. In addition to glass, the robot can also be used on other smooth surfaces.

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