The ARM camp breaks the monopoly, and Intel’s market value plummets by 150 billion

The global semiconductor leader Intel’s stock price plummeted by more than 10% last night, and its market value lost 25 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 150 billion yuan. In addition to the decline in performance, Baiming Technology believes that the more important reason for this result is that the ARM camp broke Intel’s market share. PC market monopoly situation.

The ARM camp breaks the monopoly, and Intel’s market value plummets by 150 billion

Intel’s X86 architecture processor is known for its excellent performance, coupled with the ecosystem it has built for more than 30 years, it occupies a monopoly position in the PC market. However, with the introduction of Apple’s A14 processor, Intel is losing its advantage.

The A14 processor launched by Apple is comparable to Intel’s top processor Core i9 in terms of single-core performance, and only the multi-core performance lags behind the latter, which is a major breakthrough for the ARM camp.

The A14 processor launched by Apple needs to reduce the size and power consumption as much as possible in order to adapt to mobile phones, and achieve such performance without adding auxiliary cooling devices such as fans. If the power consumption and auxiliary cooling devices are greatly increased like Intel’s processors , Then the performance of Apple’s A-series processors can far exceed Intel.

ARM architecture processors have always been known for their low power consumption, but this has also led to the performance of ARM processors lagging behind Intel’s X86 processors for a long time. The difference in performance has hindered the ARM camp from breaking the walls established by Intel. Prove that the ARM architecture processor is no longer low performance.

Intel’s X86 processor performance is gradually lagging behind because of its own inability to make progress. In the past ten years, the single-core performance of the X86 processor has been improved by less than double, and the multi-core performance has been improved by about two times; the single-core performance of the ARM architecture processor has been improved. , multi-core performance are increased by 20 times. The performance of the two has been criticized by the industry. Intel has been squeezing toothpaste, while ARM is aggressive.

The ARM camp breaks the monopoly, and Intel’s market value plummets by 150 billion

The reason for supporting the rapid performance of ARM-based processors is also the rapid development of chip manufacturing processes. Intel itself does both chip manufacturing and chip design. However, since the mass production of the 14nm FinFET process in 2014, it has encountered difficulties in the research and development of the 10nm process. The 10nm process was delayed for 4 years before mass production last year. The 7nm process that should have been put into production this year was forced to delay until next year.

The world’s leading chip foundry, TSMC, has already mass-produced the 5nm process, and it is expected to put the 3nm process into production next year. Intel’s loss of the leading edge in process research and development is also an important reason for its loss in the processor performance competition.

Apple will replace Intel’s processors with its own A-series processors in its own Mac computers, which is a major blow to Intel’s PC business, because Apple has an important influence on the technology industry and is likely to set off a wave in the PC market. With the whirlwind of replacing Intel processors with ARM architecture processors, Intel’s decline in the PC market is a high probability event.

Intel has now turned its business focus to the server chip market. With the substantial improvement in the performance of ARM-based processors and the low power consumption advantages of ARM-based processors, it is possible for ARM to break Intel’s monopoly in the server chip market. Soon to be a reality.

Perhaps investors are worried that the breakthrough made by the ARM camp will break Intel’s monopoly on the PC and server chip markets. However, Intel’s future casts a shadow and chooses to sell its shares, causing Intel’s stock price to plummet, and Intel’s glorious era. In the past, perhaps a whole new era is coming.

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