Synopsys Fusion Compiler assists customers to achieve more than 500 projections

Synopsys announced that its flagship product Fusion Compiler RTL to GDSII solution has assisted users to accumulate more than 500 shots since its launch in 2019. This achievement expands Synopsys’ position in the field of digital design implementation. Customers who use Fusion Compiler for design and production include 40 to 3 nanometer process nodes of leading semiconductor companies, spanning high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and fifth-generation mobile communications. Growing vertical market.

Synopsys Fusion Compiler has a unified architecture and optimization engine, which can facilitate the achievement of signoff-accurate performance, power consumption and area (PPA) indicators, while minimizing design iterations and late surprises . Especially in the face of advanced manufacturing processes and challenging project schedules, this solution can help solve the major challenges faced by designers today to meet strict PPA goals. Compared with competitors’ solutions, customers can increase performance by an average of 20%, reduce power consumption by 15%, and reduce area by 5%.

Ilyong Kim, vice president of the design technology team of Samsung Electronics System LSI Division, said: “Synopsys Fusion Compiler’s seamless production deployment provides excellent quality of results, including a significant increase in chip utilization and an accelerated time-to-market. Our leadership. Its unique single data model and unified engine, as well as built-in signoff timing, parasitic extraction and power analysis that can eliminate design iterations, enable Fusion Compiler to have Different from other solutions in the industry. Many successful design projections have allowed us to continue to feel the benefits of Fusion Compiler. We are currently expanding the deployment of this solution, including the use of the latest machine learning technology, in order to further deepen our customers As the central market segment.”

Kazunari Horikawa, Senior Manager of the Design Technology Innovation Department of Kioxia Corporation of Japan, said: “In the highly competitive semiconductor field, Kazunari Horikawa, as a leading memory manufacturer, has a high performance-per-watt memory controller. We are in a leading position in the field. Our partnership with Synopsys has achieved a complete Fusion Compiler design process and greatly improved process efficiency. In addition, Synopsys’ “Fusion Design Platform” technology is supplemented by TestMAX. We accelerate the design method, and reduce the power consumption by up to 40% and reduce the area by 10% in the latest filming, which will help to enhance our leadership. We look forward to cooperating with Synopsys to further increase productivity through Fusion Compiler. “

Fusion Compiler is the industry’s only RTL to GDSII implementation product with a single data model and golden-signoff. It uses a highly scalable unified data model and includes the use of industry golden-signoff. The backbone of analysis tool technology. Integrating all the above functions in a single integrated shell can provide a unique customized process for predictable quality of results (QoR) and signoff correlation (signoff correlation). In addition, the “machine learning everywhere” technology strengthens its unique architecture and promotes productivity and quality of results (QoR) to a higher level.

Sanjay Bali, Vice President of Marketing Strategy of Synopsys Silicon Realization Business Group, said: “Our customers are under constant pressure to introduce solutions to new markets within an urgent time frame. Fusion Compiler allows them to speed up the time to market. At the same time, it brings the most differentiated PPA. Seeing that customers use Fusion Compiler to achieve more than 500 shots, it once again proves that the vertically integrated RTL to GDSII solution that can provide customers with the best PPA has its market demand.”

The Fusion Compiler digital design implementation solution is the core of Synopsys’ Fusion Design Platform. It is the industry’s first AI-enhanced, cloud-ready design solution and redefines synthesis. ), the boundaries of traditional EDA tools such as layout winding and sign-off. The platform uses machine learning to accelerate computationally intensive analysis and use it to predict results to strengthen decision-making, while using previous learning to achieve better results.

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