Star companies take the lead!The country’s first provincial manufacturing innovation center in the satellite Internet field was unveiled in Chengdu

On December 10, the opening ceremony of the Sichuan Intelligent Satellite Internet Innovation Center (R&D Headquarters) was held in Chengdu. The center is led by Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., and is established in conjunction with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan Electric Technology Internet and Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chengdu Electric Technology Investment Co., Ltd., and Guogao Achievement Venture Capital Co., Ltd. This is the country’s first provincial manufacturing innovation center in the field of satellite Internet.

The center is positioned as a global leader in smart satellite Internet technology, a pioneering demonstration enterprise for the application of the national smart satellite technology industry, and an open service platform for smart satellite Internet innovation technology in Sichuan Province. In November 2020, it was approved as a provincial manufacturing innovation center by the Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology.

“In the past, our satellites went to the sky with their’eyes’, and smart satellites were equivalent to going to the sky with their’brains.’” said Zhao Hongjie, deputy director of the Innovation Center and executive vice president of National Star Aerospace. On the one hand, the smart satellite Internet launched a large number of satellites. Form a network to solve the problem of insufficient satellites; on the other hand, use space edge computing technology to improve the timeliness of satellite data circulation and processing.

With the construction of the smart satellite Internet, it is no longer necessary to wait for a long time to obtain satellite images of a specific area. This has a broad application market in the fields of disaster prevention and relief, ecological environmental protection, smart cities, and new infrastructure.

Zhu Zhongliang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that remote sensing satellites have broad application prospects in the fields of carbon neutralization, atmospheric monitoring, disaster prevention and mitigation. The establishment of the innovation center will help promote the development of the upstream and downstream industries of small satellites in the province. The development of intelligent satellites gives high hopes.

Xu Yangsheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, and academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, sent a message in the video link, hoping that the innovation center will focus on the intelligent satellite industry, adhering to the spirit of seeking truth from science and constantly seeking innovation, continue to drive the industry, and provide effective support for the country’s grand goals .

According to Lu Chuan, director of the Innovation Center and Chairman of National Star Aerospace, the innovation center, as an innovation cluster highland, an industrial platform, and a talent platform, adopts the model of “innovating while constructing”. At present, more than 20 million funds have been invested in infrastructure construction. It also undertook national and provincial key tasks including the launching of the national new generation of artificial intelligence industry innovation rankings, and absorbed nearly 200 talents in the satellite industry.

It is understood that the center has achieved a series of results since its establishment. The “Star Age-10” satellite was successfully launched, and the Long March 8 carrier rocket launch cooperation agreement was signed with China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd. to develop the “Star Age-17” satellite. “Star Age-16” carbon satellite development, exploring satellite Internet data application services; at the same time, great progress has been made in key common technology research, achievement transformation, talent cultivation, etc., laying a good foundation for striving for a national-level manufacturing innovation center Base. After more than a year of planning and construction, the center is ready for use.

According to Wu Shaoling, Director of the Technology Innovation Division of the Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, the provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of satellite Internet, and has successively proposed in a number of guidance documents to “accelerate the construction of new infrastructure and explore the construction of space-based intelligent satellite Internet” and “implement the “Star River” The “Major Project of Intelligent Satellite Internet Construction” provides strong support and guarantee for the development of the Satellite Internet Innovation Center.

In the next step, the innovation center will benchmark against the standards and related requirements of national innovation centers, clarify technical routes and functional positioning, gather innovative resources, consolidate and improve the existing research and development foundation, and at the same time focus on the construction of the “star age AI satellite constellation” “satellite + new energy” “Demonstration and pilot project construction, etc., based on the Satellite Internet Professional Committee, organize satellite Internet industry forums, prepare to build a national manufacturing innovation center, and promote Sichuan to become a national innovation highland for the satellite application industry.

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