SMA connectors for flexible automotive cable

SMA connectors for flexible automotive cable

“These SMA connectors are designed to terminate to TFC-302LL cable, manufactured by Times Fiber,” according to Amphenol. “This cable offers reliable electrical and mechanical performance with a stranded centre conductor and the same low loss capabilities as traditional SMA connectors. Similarly, these connectors can be used with Leoni Dacar 302 and comparable cable types [RTK 031, for example], all of which are highly flexible and feature stable impedance and low signal attenuation.”

There are four connectors:

  • 901-10734 straight plug
  • 901-10735 straight bulkhead jack (above)
  • 901-10736 straight jack
  • 901-10737 right-angled plug (below)

SMA connectors for flexible automotive cable

All are 50Ω and operate at up to 18GHz.

Return loss is 1.2:1 max from DC to 6GHz (TFC-302LL cable is rated to 6GHz).

Termination is solder for the centre contact and standard hex crimp for the rest.

Bodies are brass with nickel plating for the plugs and gold plating for the jacks. Male contacts are god plated brass, and female are gold plated beryllium copper. Insulation is PTFE, and the connectors are “RoHS compliant with exemption 6C,” according to the data sheet.

Operation is over -65 to +165°C.

The threaded coupling makes the connection resistant to vibration.

In-vehicle applications are expected ferrying around such RF signals as GPS, vehicle-to-vehicle comms, telecommunications, TV and radio.

The data sheets is here

The product pages can be found through this link