Shenzhen Hubble has invested in another chip manufacturer, and Chen Datong also holds shares

Recently, after investing in the first AI chip manufacturer Zhicun Technology, Shenzhen Hubble Technology Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Hubble”) has invested in another MEMS chip manufacturer – Shendi semiconductor (Shaoxing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shendi Semiconductor”).

  Shenzhen Hubble has invested in another chip manufacturer, and Chen Datong also holds shares

△Partial shareholders of Shendi Semiconductor (Source: Tianyancha)

Tianyancha information shows that on September 16, the industrial and commercial information of Shendi Semiconductor changed, adding Shenzhen Hubble, Chen Datong and other shareholders. Among them, the investment amount of Chen Datong is 89,300 US dollars, and the shareholding ratio is 0.59%, while the investment amount and shareholding ratio of Shenzhen Hubble have not been disclosed.

Products break the monopoly of Europe and the United States

It is reported that Shendi Semiconductor was founded by overseas students in the United States. It was established in 2008 with a registered capital of 15.0247 million US dollars. It is the first MEMS chip company in China to design and produce commercial MEMS gyroscope series inertial sensors. Its products are widely used in consumer electronics, Automotive electronics, Internet of Things (IOT), industrial Internet, smart home, smart city and other fields.

Since its establishment, Shendi Semiconductor’s technology research and development has made significant progress. In 2015, Shendi Semiconductor released China’s first integrated 6-axis IMU sensor; in 2019, Shendi Semiconductor successfully developed the first MEMS gyroscope chip again and achieved mass production, breaking the monopoly of a few European and American companies.

According to the official website information, Shendi Semiconductor has developed advanced MEMS process and integration technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, focusing on the design and production of low-cost, cost-effective, low-power, small-size commercial MEMS for the consumer electronics and automotive electronics markets. Gyroscope chip. In addition, in order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing emerging consumer electronics market, Shendi Semiconductor has also established the country’s first large-scale MEMS gyroscope calibration and test base.

Huawei’s second investment

According to Tianyancha data, Shendi Semiconductor has completed more than 10 rounds of financing. Investors include Zhejiang University Lianchuang Investment, Ruiling Capital, Jinpu Investment, Huiyou Investment, Huawei, etc.

 Shenzhen Hubble has invested in another chip manufacturer, and Chen Datong also holds shares

△Shendi Semiconductor’s investment history (Source: Tianyancha)

It is worth mentioning that previous media reports said that Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hubble Technology”), another investment company under Huawei, also invested in Shendi Semiconductor.

According to the report, on August 18, Shendi Semiconductor Shanghai Company completed the E round of financing of 120 million yuan, led by Hubble Technology.

Since its establishment in April this year, Shenzhen Hubble has given full play to its advantages as an investment institution under Huawei, and has frequently invested in semiconductor companies, such as Oreide Microelectronics, Tenren Micro-Nano Technology, Zhicun Technology, Qiangyi Semiconductor, Xuzhou Bokang, Tianyu Semiconductor, etc.


△ Summary of Shenzhen Hubble Investment Enterprises (Source: Tianyancha)

Observing the semiconductor companies invested by Hubble, it is not difficult to find that Huawei’s investment target technologies have basically been self-developed, and cover a wide range, covering AI Chips, Display driver chips, semiconductor lithography machine materials, and third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide. and other fields.


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