Rohde & Schwarz helps grow naval intelligence and surveillance capabilities

The shipborne multi-channel communications intelligence system (COMINT system) produced by Rohde & Schwarz can enhance the situational awareness of naval ships and expand the reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities of ships.

The world’s navies need to face the challenges of diverse missions. In addition to traditional military missions, new missions include counter-terrorism, anti-piracy, anti-smuggling, and combating organized crime at sea. With the increasing number of asymmetric warfare and peacekeeping missions in the open and near seas, ships need to be capable of performing diverse missions. To adapt to this new situation, the Navy needs to be more flexible in the use of personnel and equipment.

The shipborne multi-channel communications intelligence system (COMINT system) provided by Rohde & Schwarz can improve the combat effectiveness and battlefield survivability of individual ships and entire fleets. The system enhances the ship’s early warning capabilities and situational awareness. The system can also effectively provide intelligence support and hazard alerts for specific missions (such as Marines landing off-ships for hostage rescue missions) through intercepted communications. The system gathers valuable information to provide fleet-wide intelligence.

The shipboard multi-channel communications intelligence system can set up automatic detection and surveillance tasks. As a highly integrated monitoring, direction finding and analysis system, the system can automatically process fixed frequency signals, frequency hopping signals and various HF/VHF/UHF radio communication signals.

The system can automatically detect, identify, demodulate and decode signals, and Display the processing results in real time. It is capable of recording demodulated digital audio or recording signal digital IF. The system can prompt the operator to deal with enemy signals and unknown signals, and can automatically update the area situation map according to the monitoring results.

Rohde & Schwarz’s shipboard multi-channel communications intelligence system is capable of detecting and monitoring communications activity in the HF/VHF/UHF frequency bands. The system can display the incoming wave direction of the target radiation source and the geographic location of the radiation source on the Electronic map.

The wideband receiver equipped with the system has the function of digital down-conversion, which can realize parallel monitoring of multi-channel signals. The system’s signal processing functions include intercepting analog voice signals, demodulating and decoding digital signals, automatic signal recognition and restoration of communication content, and the system can also record and playback signals.

The open architecture of the system allows users to customize decoders, and provides corresponding tools to assist users in the development of customized decoders. The system also has the functions of data output and third-party data import.

Rohde & Schwarz’s shipboard multi-channel communications intelligence system contains a database for processing various types of intercepted information. The intelligent algorithm of the database can match the newly entered intercepted data with the parameters of the known radiation sources in the database, so as to realize the functions of identifying the communication network and updating the regional situation picture.

Bosco Novak, Executive Vice President, Monitoring and Network Testing at Rohde & Schwarz, explains: “The shipboard multi-channel communications intelligence system from Rohde & Schwarz can be used both as a stand-alone system and as a subsystem and Deep integration and collaboration with other subsystems.”

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