RFID reader suitable for many applications with limited space

Elatec has added support for LEGIC technology to its space-saving TWN4 Slim multi-standard RFID reader. The new product version opens up new authentication options for users with LEGIC Connect.

Its elegant and flat design, with dimensions smaller than a credit card, makes it ideal for multiple applications, particularly those with limited space. This makes it excellent for industrial applications but also use in the office.

The company is now turning its multi-standard RFID reader into a specialised solution for LEGIC technology. The LEGIC Connect software service facilitates the transfer of authorisations or other data to registered smartphones. In the future, users will authenticate with both the LEGIC Card and the LEGIC App. The company relies on the LEGIC Chip SM-6300 with its extended functions.

This provides existing system infrastructures with further options. Through the combination of TWN4 Slim and LEGIC Connect, smartphones of LEGIC app users may now take over important functions. Due to its space-saving design, the device is also excellent in secure printing, making the infrastructure and its use even more flexible.