Modular power and signal connectors offer versatile solutions

Lane Electronics offers the Positronic Scorpion range, reputedly the most versatile modular power/signal connector on the planet.

The modular tooling creates a one-piece insulator providing more than 35 modules giving customers nearly limitless pin configurations and any combination from one module to many up to a maximum connector length of 101mm. Blank modules are provided for greater creepage and clearance for higher voltage requirements, venting options can be offered for improved air cooling, and there are unique locking systems for blind mating, float mount and cable connector options.

The complete range of standard and low-profile modular connectors can all be configured for employment as a power connector, a signal level connector, or a combination of both, offering designers an almost endless variety of power/signal contact configurations. The series can be utilised for board to board, panel to cable or cable to cable or board connectivity.

Two versions of the series include Standard Profile (14.6mm height), Low Profile (8.2mm height), and there are versions that are compliant with the OCP Open Rack specification used for data centre equipment. Connecting options include crimp, straight and 90-degree solder, and straight press-fit (solderless) PCB termination. Signal contacts can be mixed with power contacts rated to 80A each, users may specify housings with optional ventilation slots for improved cooling, and sequential mating provides first mate last break functionality for plugging and unplugging live circuits.

Suitable for industrial, Mil or aerospace applications, the series enables designers to produce a connector solution specifically tailored to suit their requirements.

Nick Wheeler, sales director, Lane Electronics, says: “The Scorpion connector series brings a unique approach to modular connector design for this style and size of connector that is only available from Positronic. Scorpion provides the flexibility to configure the connector to meet customer’s exact specifications. The difference is how Positronic builds the final connector, using an innovative tooling and injection moulding process. The result is a Scorpion connector with a solid body and machined contacts, ready to perform.”