Macronix’s 6-inch factory may be sold, and the foundry is actively evaluating

Recently, there has been news in the market that Macronix’s old 6-inch fab is ready to be sold, and various foundries are actively evaluating news.

Macronix is ​​currently a major manufacturer of memory chips in Taiwan, China. The company’s main sources of revenue are ROM read-only memory, NOR flash memory, and NAND flash memory products. The related products are not only self-designed, but also self-developed. Fabs for manufacturing.

Macronix currently owns a 6-inch factory, an 8-inch factory, and a 12-inch factory. Among them, the 6-inch factory with older equipment has a monthly production capacity of about 20,000 pieces, which accounts for about 3% of Macronix’s overall revenue.

And because the equipment is relatively old, Macronix’s board of directors plans to make a resolution in March 2021 to prepare to suspend production of the 6-inch fab and encourage customers to transfer to its 8-inch fab for OEM production.

It is reported that Macronix originally expected to stop production of the 6-inch wafer fab by the end of 2020. However, in 2020, due to factors such as the epidemic and the US-China trade dispute, the demand in the foundry market will be boosted. Therefore, in the case of an imbalance between supply and demand of market capacity and customers eagerly looking for capacity, Macronix subsequently decided to postpone the 6-inch plant until March 2021 before preparing to officially stop production.

The monthly production capacity of Macronix’s 6-inch wafer fab is approximately more than 20,000 wafers. With the current capacity in short supply, it is a good target for wafer foundries to fill the gap. In view of this, the market recently reported that Macronix plans to sell the 6-inch plant after the suspension of production.

On the one hand, Macronix’s wafer fab is located in Zhuke, which has the advantage of its location. On the other hand, it can meet the current market’s demand for production capacity through equipment upgrades, which is more advantageous than building a new fab, thus attracting UMC and the world. The attention of advanced and other foundries, the news pointed out that Macronix will make a decision to sell objects in the first quarter of 2021. Regarding market news, all manufacturers did not respond.

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