IPhone 9 has been released with twists and turns, can fruit fans still play the new phone happily?

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IPhone 9 has been released with twists and turns, can fruit fans still play the new phone happily?

Recently, the 5G mobile phone market has ushered in an explosive period. Samsung S20, Xiaomi and other models have appeared one after another, Red Magic 5G new phones, Redmi K30Pro have also entered the network one after another, 5G mobile phones have been hot in the market. However, the popularity of iPhone, which has been staying on the 4G network, has not faded. Instead, news of iPhone SE2 has been heard frequently.

After entering 2020, the news about Apple’s new generation of iPhone can be said to be diverse, from iPhone SE2 to iPhone 9, from iPhone 12 to iPhone X Fold folding screen mobile phones, only you can’t think of, there is no one that is not rumored in the circle. Among them, the most rumored one is the iPhone 9, also known as the iPhone SE2, which is regarded as Apple’s new-generation mid-range flagship, aimed at hitting the Android mid- and high-end smartphone market.

The small screen iPhone SE2 has been waiting in the fruit fan’s belief for two years. Finally, many news confirmed that the machine (or iPhone 9) will be released at this year’s Apple spring conference, but now Apple will have to postpone the cheap new iPhone. The main reason for the release time is that the production capacity of Foxconn and other foundries after the resumption of work is less than half of the previous. This is obviously unable to meet the needs of the market after the listing.

According to reports, information disclosed by Apple’s internal sources stated that Apple originally planned to hold a press conference for this low-priced iPhone at the end of March (the release time is March 31 and the sale time is April 3), but due to production capacity and The reasons for not being on, the release and sale time have been forced to be postponed later, the specific time has not yet been determined.

According to other supply chain sources, according to Foxconn’s previous plan, it is hoped that 50% of China’s production will be restored by the end of this month, and 80% of production in the Mainland will be resumed in March.

Although the release of iPhone 9 may be delayed, its appearance and configuration have been determined almost. In terms of appearance, the iPhone 9 will be on par with the iPhone 8, with a small 4.7-inch screen and a circular HOME button. The iPhone SE launched by Apple in 2016 focuses on small screen + powerful performance. Today’s iPhone SE2, that is, iPhone 9, will continue to maintain its style, but the screen is upgraded to 4.7 inches.

The back of the fuselage is made of glass, which may be the biggest difference between this machine and the iPhone 8. It uses a frosted glass design similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, available in silver, space gray and red.

IPhone 9 has been released with twists and turns, can fruit fans still play the new phone happily?

In terms of configuration, iPhone 9 will use Apple’s A13 processor and 3GB of RAM to run the memory, a proper flagship of a small steel gun. Another point is that the iPhone 9 will not bring dual cameras, but a high-list camera with 12 million pixels. At the same time, iPhone 9 will not support 5G. The new generation of 5G iPhone is iPhone 12.

Judging from the real video screenshot of the suspected iPhone9, the front of the iPhone 9 is also 16:9, and the home keyboard is also clearly visible. Mingmei still likes the pressure-sensitive fingerprint to unlock. This design is also ergonomic. From the perspective of the rear cover lens, the iPhone 9 has a larger lens size, which is exactly the same as the iPhone XR. With the processor stronger than the iPhone XR, thanks to the algorithm advantages of the A13, the iPhone 9 is likely to be capable of taking pictures. Catch up with the iPhone XR, and we will be able to shoot algorithm-level bokeh samples at that time. Apple is the world leader in camera tuning. I believe the iPhone 9 will also be a very good camera phone!

In other details, the iPhone SE2 will have an IP67 level of waterproof and dustproof, and will not retain the 3.5mm headphone jack. As for wireless charging, it is still uncertain. If iPhone SE2 follows iPhone 8, it may support wireless charging, but it is also possible to delete this feature in order to reduce costs.

In terms of price, news shows that the iPhone 9 starts at US$399, and the National Bank sells it at 3288 yuan, which still reflects a more touching style.

Finally, what Mingmei Wuxian wants to say is: iPhone enters the mid-range market and has certain advantages. On the one hand, it is the brand’s dimensionality reduction. Apple has always been a representative of high-end mobile phones. Its brand effect is also the strongest in the world. People did not choose Apple because of its high price. If you can buy an Apple mobile phone at a price of 3000-4000 yuan, then it will be a worthy choice for many people; on the other hand, it is the ios system, which is Apple. The exclusive advantage of ios and the A series of processors are perfectly matched, making it run very smooth and stable. As an old Apple user for more than ten years, I always think that the mobile phone system is still the best to use ios, worry-free, stable and safe.

A few days ago, Apple has responded to this situation, and the production situation is slowly improving. However, from the third-party news, the supply of iPhone may be restricted for a long time in the future, and the inventory of existing iPhones will be low. One situation is expected to be alleviated in early April. The mass production of the entry-level iPhone has also been postponed from late February to March. This may make announcements and release delays inevitable, so Apple is unwilling to set an exact date for major events.

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