Hit a swollen face to fill a fat man?India spends 63.7 billion to build a chip supply chain, attracting global manufacturers to build factories

Biden wrote a check for $52 billion in order to attract major chip manufacturers to move their factories to the United States. As long as you come, you can divide the money. TSMC will fly over immediately, and Samsung will also come. Everyone throws money back and forth. To build a factory in the United States, waiting for Biden to fulfill his promise and share the huge chip subsidies together.

Not only the United States, but Japan and the European Union have invested heavily in boosting their own semiconductor industry. This makes the complacent India unable to sit still. After all, the self-recognition of this country is that I can do what others do, and I want to have what others have. I often make a lot of tricks for the first.

Now India intends to spend 10 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 63.7 billion yuan) to encourage global semiconductor manufacturers to build factories there; it also says that as long as eligible companies, India can help reimburse 50% of the cost of building plants; in addition, the country has additional The grant supports 100 local companies engaged in chip design, which is to build a complete supply chain from chip design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing in the local area.

According to Indian words, this incentive plan can create 35,000 high-quality jobs, 100,000 indirect jobs, and attract investment worth 1,670 billion rupees (approximately 139.4 billion yuan). It is understood that a consortium of Foxconn and Singapore has intention to build a chip factory in India, and the Vedanta Group also wants to build a Display factory there.

Having said that, can India succeed in creating an exclusive chip supply chain? It’s hard. After all, even the United States can’t do it for the time being. Before TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou publicly choked, saying that the United States is too late, and now it is useless to spend $52 billion to rebuild the chip supply chain. This little money is simply not enough.

The US$52 billion in the United States is considered too small, and it has been postponed until next year. So what is the US$10 billion in India? Besides, everyone doesn’t know if Modi has money, and I am afraid it is another “swollen face and fat man”.

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