Galanz core-making plan was officially launched: Yuefang Technology was established to create a domestic open source ecosystem

In recent years, the semiconductor industry has received national attention, and various places are vigorously promoting core-making projects, with an investment of no less than hundreds of billions of yuan. Home appliance companies that had little to do with the chip industry have also started making Chips. In addition to Gree and Konka, Galanz also announced its entry into the chip industry last year. It officially kicked off a few days ago and established Yuefang Technology, which is based on RISC-V. China’s open source ecosystem.

According to reports, recently, Guangdong Yuefang Technology Co., Ltd., jointly established by Galanz, Gigabyte and Saifang China, was officially listed in Shunde. Liang Huiqiang, vice chairman of Galanz Group, became the CEO, which means that the Galanz core-making plan was officially launched.

Jiang Zhaohui, CEO and CTO of Beijing Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that there are currently more than 30,000 kinds of chips used in various industries in China, but they are basically foreign technologies.

On the other hand, current home appliances require IoT technology. Jiang Zhaohui predicts that 50 billion devices will need to be connected to the Internet in the future, so differentiated solutions and customized chip architectures are required.

Liang Huiqiang, vice chairman of Galanz and CEO of Yuefang Technology, said that the RISC-V architecture provides technical solutions for the future of the Internet of Everything, and enables local innovations and breakthroughs.

“From the point of view of the country building a set of self-controllable chips, RISC-V is undoubtedly the best technical architecture, because RISC-V is open source worldwide, it has neither the technical limitations of intellectual property rights, but also because Its technical characteristics, that is, the scalability of the instruction set, makes it easier to build an autonomous and controllable ecosystem.” Liang Huiqiang said that, unlike all domestic chip design companies, Yuefang Technology not only has the RISC-V invention team as the Expert consultants and their own core intellectual property rights can develop various chips around these CPU technologies.

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