“Folding screen” has no hope of breaking through, where should the Samsung empire go?

According to media reports, Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S21 series is rumored to be launched in mid-January next year. At present, there are a lot of new news about this model on the Internet. In addition, foreign media also revealed the next-generation Galaxy S22. May have a thinner body, but the battery capacity is reduced. Throughout the field of folding screen mobile phones, Samsung is an uncompromising overlord. Samsung has released the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold2.

Samsung has been deeply involved in folding screens, but its position is still being challenged. According to data from Canalys, in the second quarter of this year, Huawei surpassed Samsung for the first time with 55.8 million shipments, becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker. Although Samsung has a share in the global market and gave a beautiful transcript in the third quarter, the “hidden worries” behind Samsung should not be underestimated.

Samsung wants to lead the mobile phone digital circle with folding screens, but for now, it is Samsung being folded. Where should the former Samsung empire go?

“Folding screen” has no hope of breaking through, fold is difficult to produce

In 2019, the growth of the mobile terminal market is gradually weakening, and major mobile phone manufacturers are looking for new ways to stimulate consumption, and Samsung is no exception. Samsung, which has always focused on technological innovation, began to die on the folding screen. The Galaxy Fold was finally born in February 2019 with much anticipation, but it was greeted with complaints about various screen bugs, which ended Samsung’s delay in folding screen phones. Nearly ten years of progress.

After the Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched, the screen rolled over, and the folding screen mobile phone temporarily canceled the conference in China. Samsung Galaxy Fold mobile phone has problems such as screen bulge, splash screen, black screen, and even “folding problems” such as inconsistent refresh rates between the left and right of the internal screen, and consumers report that the mobile phone cannot be used at all. But Samsung is still “throwing the pot”, saying it is an external factor.

In the eyes of Jianghu Lao Liu, Samsung has become cautious after the Note 7 incident, but the Galaxy Fold is still overturned. Samsung wants to use the folding screen to compete in the mobile terminal market, but the situation is full of problems. Although it has attracted some traffic attention, the folding screen is not in the market. There was no big storm. Samsung’s first completed folding screen did not go as expected after it was launched.

The barriers are high, and the folding screen fake needs to be controversial

As 2020 draws to a close, the representative flagships of major mobile phone manufacturers have all appeared. Among them, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is controversial. There are still many technical difficulties faced by folding screen mobile phones. OLED flexible screens and hinges are the core hard breakthroughs, and they are also one of the technical difficulties that need to be solved urgently in the industry.

Taking the Samsung Z Flip as an example, it has high appearance and high price, but the mirror body accumulates fingerprints, which shows that the technological breakthrough of folding screen mobile phones is too difficult. The folding screen either has a larger screen and has the dual identity definition of a mobile phone and a tablet, or makes the body smaller and realizes the refinement of the mobile phone. The folding screen has also caused controversy in pseudo-demand.

Folding screen mobile phone is a compatible method, which can meet the needs of a small number of people’s mobile phone + tablet. The significance of the mobile phone is to be used for daily communication, and the tablet computer has portability and controllability, and is a derivative of the computer. The appearance of the folding screen has broken the balance of the three terminals again, and the public’s demand for the “chicken rib” of the folding screen is quite controversial.

In Jianghu Lao Liu’s view, the most important thing about mobile phones is that they are light, moderate and easy to play, while tablet computers are the pursuit of large screens for office work. Combining the two into one, there are contradictions in the face of the independent needs of users, which cannot be satisfied by mergers. Compared with the candy bar smart phone, the small folding mobile phone has only one more flip program, but the price is several times more expensive. The folding screen mobile phone is “chicken rib”, the folding screen market is not mature, and the redefinition of the mobile phone form may require the market to test.

The blowout is difficult to meet, and the heroes are competing for the world

Since 2019, Samsung has been deeply involved in folding screen mobile phones and launched the first folding screen mobile phone Samsung Galaxy? Fold. On September 9, 2020, Samsung Galaxy? Z? Fold2? 5G was released. But other mobile phone manufacturers are not left behind.

On February 24, 2020, Huawei released the second-generation folding screen mobile phone Mate Xs. Huawei Mate Xs has two forms: folded and unfolded. In the core configuration, Huawei Mate Xs is equipped with Kirin 990 5G SoC processor and supports SA/NSA 5G dual-module network, support 5G+4G dual-card dual-standby, and support more 5G frequency bands. Mate Xs has also been upgraded and optimized in screen material, hinge structure, 5G performance, and camera system.

Microsoft also launched its first “folding screen” mobile phone, the Suface Duo. It is reported that Apple’s first foldable iPhone will come out in November 2022, and it may use a Micro LED screen. In November, Motorola also released its first folding screen mobile phone, the moto RAZR. OPPO also entered the game and released a concept phone with a scroll screen – the screen of the OPPO X 2021 can be unfolded and retracted like a scroll.

In the eyes of Jianghu Lao Liu, Samsung failed to usher in a blowout as expected. On the contrary, negative tests and comments about Samsung’s folding screen continued to flow out. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers are catching up, integrating new concept development on the basis of folding screens, and competing with each other, Samsung is not easy. The folding screen is still subject to controversy, the current market is not large, and the future prospects remain to be seen.


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