BAIC and Imagination set up a joint venture to identify the company’s biggest weakness to develop automotive-grade chips

On May 9, BAIC Motor and Imagination Group jointly signed an agreement to establish a joint venture Beijing Hexinda Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is the first automotive chip design company jointly established by a Chinese state-owned OEM and an international chip giant. It will focus on the research and development of application processors for autonomous driving and voice interaction Chips for smart cockpits. It is represented by BAIC Group. of domestic car companies provide advanced solutions in the field of automotive chips.

At present, in the critical period of electrification, intelligence and networking technology upgrade in the global automobile industry, the cooperation between chip technology and vehicle product development is related to the future competitiveness of automobile enterprises. However, at present, the chip research and development foundation of OEMs is still weak, and the core technology still relies on chip companies, which may become the biggest weakness of OEMs. For domestic and foreign chip manufacturers, the huge market space created by the rapid development of intelligent networking in China’s auto industry has also become a battleground for all military players. The cooperation between BAIC and Imagination has opened up a new paradigm of cross-border cooperation between OEMs and international chip giants.

It is understood that the joint venture will focus on the research and development of application processors for autonomous driving and voice interaction chips for intelligent cockpits. With the advantages of Imagination’s IP platform, the ecological advantages of BAIC Group’s vehicle manufacturing, and the rich industry experience of the management team, the The layout of the entire industry chain from IP to chips to complete vehicles will be committed to becoming the “innovative guideline” in the field of global intelligent networked automotive chips.

In addition, based on Imagination’s basic advantages in neural network acceleration (NNA), the joint venture will develop an “integrated storage and computing” SoC chip with its own core patent to further improve the application of the existing chip product matrix in the field of in-vehicle voice interaction; In addition, the joint venture will continue to promote the development of ADAS and intelligent driving perception chips based on Imagination’s performance advantages in the field of GPU and image processing, as well as the current development trend of vision and structured light fusion perception.

This strategic cooperation is an important measure for BAIC and Imagination to build an intelligent connected vehicle-grade chip to boost the intelligent development of the global automotive industry.

As one of the five major automobile groups in China, BAIC Group has always adhered to the development method of advanced planning and strategic leadership. Foresighted the trend, took the lead in the layout, and entered the new energy industry for the first time in the industry. In 2018, it proposed the “two-wheel drive” strategy of new energy and intelligent network connection. In the same year, it released the intelligent network connection “Dolphin +” strategy to fully promote the intelligent network Linked car development.

Imagination is a world-renowned chip IP supplier and one of the few manufacturers in the industry that can provide graphics processing unit (GPU), artificial intelligence, and communication technology IP authorization. GPU IP products occupy more than 30% of the global mobile intelligent terminal market. Fully verified by Apple, Renesas, TI, etc.

Based on BAIC Group’s leading ecological advantages in the automotive manufacturing industry and Imagination’s world-leading IP R&D capabilities, the two parties will work together to create a new highland for automotive-grade chips.

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