Apple’s 3nm chip may come out in 2023: the highest integrated 40-core CPU

Recently, according to foreign media 9to5Mac news, Apple plans to launch more powerful second and third generation Apple Silicon Chips in the next few years.

It is reported that Apple and TSMC plan to use an enhanced version of TSMC’s 5nm process to manufacture second-generation Apple silicon chips. Therefore, compared with the current M1 series, the improvement in performance (or single core) and energy efficiency is relatively limited, and it is expected that the new generation of MacBook Air will be adopted first.

However, on some machines with a higher level of performance release, such as desktop Macs, two Die chips may be expanded based on the existing M1 Pro/M1 Max, so that machines that can accommodate larger chips (such as desktop Macs) ) doubles the performance.

For comparison, the M1 chip has an 8-core CPU, the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips have a 10-core CPU, and Apple’s high-end Mac Pro towers can be configured with up to 28-core Intel Xeon W processors.

Next, Apple plans to make an even bigger leap with its third-generation chips. Apple plans to launch a 3nm Mac chip manufactured by TSMC as soon as 2023, which is the third-generation Apple Silicon chip, with the internal codenames “Ibiza”, “Lobos” and “Palma”. These chips will use up to four Die designs and integrate up to a 40-core CPU. And it is expected that the A-series chips carried by the iPhone in 2023 will also turn to the 3nm process.

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